Meetings are generally held bi-monthly running from September through May and are typically held over lunch.  These lunch meetings include a nice meal and a presentation of current local and regional geologic topics.  If you would like to present a talk or paper at a meeting please use the form on the Contact page and your request will be forwarded to the Program Chairman.

Current Regular Meeting Date:

Meetings will start back in September.


Past Meetings:

May 7, 2019---Texas Tech Student Expo

February 6, 2019---"Things I have Learned", Mr. Scott Taylor

November 7, 2018---"The Lower Avalon Shale", Dr. George Asquith, Texas Tech

October 10, 2018---"The Solar System and the Search For Life", Dr. Rick Hobbs, Amarillo College

September 26, 2018---"The Ground Beneath Our Feet - Sinkholes (What are they and how do they form?)", Mr. Nathan Randolph, Pablo Energy II, LLC
May 15, 2018---Texas Tech Student Expo
April 4, 2018---"Utilizing Measured Drilling Parameters to Optimize Completion Design", Mr. Jason Vanderkooi, C&J Energy Services

March 7, 2018---No Speaker

January 10, 2018---"Granite Wash - The Unconventional Conventional Play", Mrs. Kristie L. Ferguson, KLF Geological, LLC

November 8, 2017---"Organic Petrology of the Caney Shale and Woodford Shale Resource Plays", Mr. Brian Cardott, Oklahoma Geological Survey

October 4, 2017---"Stratigraphic Variability of the Desmoinesian Marmaton Group Across the Lips Fault System in the Texas Panhandle Granite Wash, Southern Anadarko Basin", Mr. Patrick Jordan

September 13, 2017---"Evaluating Oklahoma Unconventional Reservoirs: Assessing the Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties Using Traditional Logging Suites", Mr. James Wallace

May 3, 2017---Texas Tech University Student Expo

April 5, 2017---"Cleveland and Marmaton Tight-Gas Sandstones: Sequence Framework, Depositional Facies, and Production Trends, Northwest Anadarko Basin", Tucker Hentz, UTBEG

March 8, 2017---"Technology in the Mid-Continent", Mark Parker and Travis Roberts, Halliburton

February 1, 2017---"SCOOP and STACK; First Five Years and Beyond" W. Allen Donaldson, Newfield Exploration

January 11, 2017---"The Quest for "Sweet Spots" in an Unconventional Permian Oil Reservoir" Dr. George Asquith, Texas Tech

November 9, 2016---"Mudrocks (shales, mudstones) at the Scale of Grains and Pores: Current Understading" Dr. Kitty Milliken, UTBEG, AAPG Distinguished Lecturer

September 7, 2016---"Building Texas: Insights from "Texas Through Time", a book and website on the geology of the Lone Star State." Dr. Thomas Ewing, Frontera Exploration Consultatnts

May 11, 2016---"Geologic Framework for High Drilling-Density Horizontal and Vertical Oil Plays in Oklahoma." Dr. Edith Wilson, Rock Whisperer, LLC

April 20, 2016---Texas Tech University Student Expo

March 8, 2016---No presentation because of weather related travel cancellations

January 27, 2016---"Applying Fundamentals "101" of Unconventional Shale to the Exploration and Development of the Wolfcamp A, Wolfcamp B, and Lower Spraberry Shale -A Case Study." Mr. Keith Skaar, Element Petroleum

November 5, 2015---"Borehole Image Applications in Horizontal Wells." Mr. Andy Wray, Schlumberger

September 3, 2015---"The Porosity and Permeability Response to Matrix Acidification in Oil and Gas Producing Mudstones." Dr. Callum Hetherington, Texas Tech University

May 14, 2015---"US Onshore A&D Activity; Then and Now." Mr. Ethan D. House, EnergyNet

March 3, 2015---"Observations on the Amarillo/Wichita Mountains Thrust-Fold Belt and its Extentions SE into East Texas and NW into New Mexico." Mr. S. Parker Gay, Applied Geophysics, Inc.

January 20, 2015---"Lacustrine Basin Unconventional Resource Plays: Key Differences." Dr. Barry Katz, AAPG Distinguished Lecturer

November 13, 2014----"Understanding unconventional reservoirs through data integreation", Mrs. Neda Boroumand, Pinnacle Technologies

September 23,2014---"Worldwide seismic activity and earthquake activity in Oklahoma", Mr. Glen Brown, Continental Resources

May 16, 2014---Update on planned renovations to oil wing of Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum in Canyon. Mrs. Amy David

March 20, 2014---"Granite Wash Fan Delta Sedimentation and Influence of Relative Sea Level Variations, Anadarko Basin." Dr. Dennis Kerr, University of Tulsa

January 17, 2014---"Birth and Development of Continental Margin Basins: Analogies from the South Atlantic, North Atlantic, and the Red Sea." Dr. Webster Mohriak, AAPG Distinguished Lecturer

November 6, 2013---"LITHO-LOGIC- A computer based program for the standardization of lithologic descriptions for mud logging: The wave of the future!", Mr. Scott Wright, Terra Domain Consulting

September 17, 2013---"Prestack Depth Migration for "Easy" Onshore Plays?" Mr. Morgan Brown, Wave Imaging Technology, Inc.

May 16, 2013---Screening of the film Switch with Harry Lynch, Director.

March 21, 2013---"Discussion of advanced gas analysis for surface gas measurements relating to empirical studies of data collected using DIRECT QUADRUPOLE MASS SPECTROMETRY." Mr. Bruce Warren, Crown Geochemistry, Inc.

January 30, 2013---"The Exploration, Appraisal and Development of Unconventional Reservoirs: A New Approach to Petroleum Geology." Mr. Richard K. Stoneburner, AAPG Distinguished Lecturer

November 29, 2012---"Applications of Proven Expertise and Analytical Tools from North American Shale Plays to World Wide Opportunities." Mr. Bill Boykin, NuTech Energy Alliance

September 11, 2012---"Hedging Gas and Liquids Has Secured Economic Results to Date--What's Ahead?" Mr. Steve Daugherty, Bank of Oklahoma

May 15, 2012---Introduction of new Officers and Update on MCS/PGS Field Conference in October 2012

March 20, 2012--"Air Photos and Satellite Data Save Time and Money: Exploration Leads, Field Ops, and Environmental Work." Dave Koger, Koger Remote Sensing

January 24, 2012--"Rejuvenation of the Wewoka Oil Field: If You Want To Look For Oil, Look In An Oily Area." Mr. Lance Ruffel, Ruffel Oil Company 








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